Tied House OBF Vintage Tent Banner


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Tied House OBF Vintage Tent Banner

OBF Vintage Brewery Tent Banner

OBF #59 ( Tied House Brewing ) Tied House, the brand of the Redwood Coast Brewing co, was the brainchild of Lou Jemison and Andreas Heller. Lou had taken a trip to Andreas’ hometown of Baden, Germany and stayed with Andreas’ family. Soon after arriving, while Louis was getting over jet lag, Frau Heller took Louis on a tour of a new microbrewery in a neighboring town. Call it lack of sleep, or genius, but Lou decided he wanted to open his own microbrewery back in the states, based on what he saw in Germany. He did just that in 1987.

 The Oregon Brewers Festival is one of the oldest and largest craft beer festivals in the nation. It is known Worldwide and has just celebrated 30 years of cheers. Selling a little bit of history. Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the founder Art Larrance.

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